Ambulance at the base of the cliff?

We need an ambulance at the base of the cliff?

As we have moved to a different lifestyle and trained  for our mission in Ukraine my heart has been broken. I am saddened by all the social injustice we see throughout Ukraine and even some here at home. I wonder how our focus seems to be more occupied with politics and our 401k than a 14 year old trapped in sex slavery. Then my heavy heart is lifted when I see people springing into action. I watch as they stock up on band-aids and head to the base of the cliff to piece together those who have fallen. Here is a list of examples of restoration that is good stuff.

Celebration Recovery for alcoholics and addicts

Homeless shelters and soup kitchens for the homeless

Battered women’s shelters

Care homes for orphans

Street grace and A21 for Sex slaves

Pregnancy crisis centers for those facing a choice that shouldn’t be an option

As well as many other needed and helpful missions/ministry

I love all how all of these ministries rush to the base to pick up the pieces of those who have fallen or been pushed over the cliff. So I sit here and ponder… what is the best one? Which should I give my efforts to? Where will I find the joy of the Lord serving? They are all good things to become involved in. In Galatians 6 we are encouraged to good to all and to not become weary of doing good.  So I must say all of these things are good, as long as it is done for the good of the kingdom and Christ centered.

So with this I ask another question rather than stand at the bottom of the cliff why don’t we start by standing at the top and not letting people fall over. Why don’t we work on both ends? This thought might be considered “preventive ministry”. So how do we prevent people from falling? So I ask you this question, would a follower of Christ push someone off the cliff? If a person is a follower of Christ will they beat their wives? If a person is a follower of Christ will they produce orphans and widows (divorcees)? If a person is a follower of Christ would a person help teach others to stay away from the edge? An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Let’s put the police at the top of the cliff then we won’t need so many ambulances at the bottom of the cliff. People will still fall. So we cannot take away the ambulance but at least we can help prevent many from the hurt.

Often people fall into these situations due to lack of hope. Having well trained leaders with their focus on living a Christ like life will always inspire hope.  When a man finds salvation in Christ over 90% of the time the family comes to Christ. When the leader of an organization is a believer his subordinates are twice as likely to come to Christ. If we focus on the source of the issues then we can start providing preventive ministry. If an ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure then each leader training others will be worth 16 ministry workers picking up the pieces.


My heart burns for sex slave victims, so we must train up good quality men who put their faith in Christ so they will not be a market place for these women.

My heart burns for those scammed into leaving their home for a job that reduces them to slave of men in another country, so we must raise up strong families.

My heart burns for abused and battered orphans often subjected to worst society has to offer, so I must train up Leaders who will not forsake their children.

My heart burns for those who find hope and comfort in a bottle so we must show hope and comfort in the Savior before the bottle is ever purchased.

My heart burns for the women left to make a choice of life or death for their child so we must raise up children who make the right decisions before a life is at stake.

My heart burns for the injustices of the society of Eastern Europe so we must bring them Christ, we must teach them to live like Christ, and we must teach them to share Christ. We must reach the men of Ukraine with the gospel and train them to be leaders of home, work and country.

Will you stand with me as I say let’s take our stand at the top and not just be another noisy ambulance at the bottom.

How can you stand with me you ask? Three ways,

1st – allow me to come and share with you how you and your church can join us through short term missions. In these missions you will bless the Ukrainian people and in return you will see God working on the front lines like you have never seen before. You will return as an alien among your Church foyer. But it will be a good thing and your whole church will grow due to your experience and testimony.

2nd – You could support us in this effort. Our needs are great but our God is greater. We are looking for supporters not donors. We want people who want to invest their soul with us in the mission God has called us to. We are not looking for people to just write a check in order to get us to quit asking. Stick with us and pray for us at least each month as we pray over our supporters consistently.

3rd – Join us, maybe not Ukraine but join us in the good fight. Join us to share what God has given you. Learn the joy of serving the Lord with nothing in tow but a suitcase. Learn the pleasure to know you can go at a moment’s notice anywhere , anytime to serve God and nothing holds you back. Learn the satisfaction of knowing that Hell will give a thanksgiving feast the day you depart the battlefield and Heavens gates will welcome you.

Any other choice and all I have to say is…. Has anyone ever cared enough about you to share the gospel with you? I would love to.