Screwdriver Gospel

Recently I began some part time work at Chateau Élan. It is a ritzy Golf and winery resort used frequently for corporate functions and weddings. I work among “interns” from all over the world. Many are from Turkey, China, Kazakhstan, The Netherlands, South Africa and even Americans. In working with these people you find they all claim different religions but hold the same beliefs as the many Americans I also work with.
They all claim to be part of a religion identifying themselves as Christian, Catholic, Muslim, Agnostic, Buddhist, and others. When a prayer is said at wedding or function they all bow their head in respect. However you cannot tell there is disbelief among them. In fact there is one of them who does not eat Pork and this is not out of religious beliefs but even he has said it is because of what would happen back at home should someone find out. They all act the same. They all believe their sins are small and inconsequential to others. They all believe they are better people than most. They all believe they will not go to hell.
From this I question daily do I present myself as being full of the Gospel all the time. Do I use the Gospel to relate to these people? Do I use the Gospel as a tool? From this questioning came the screwdriver Gospel.
The Screwdriver Gospel is the concept that
#1It is an easy tool to obtain but many do not believe it is to be used as a key as it is so easy to get.
#2 It is easy to use but some are more ready to use it than others as some always carry it with them while many of us know where we can find it but rarely carry it as it seems to get in the way of what we want to do.
#3 It is simple to use yet we often complicate it, however when taught or discipled by someone, we learn it can do more than just adjust a screw.
#4 It should be easy to spot those who carry it even though it does not stand out nor cover them up but the fact that someone is carrying it with them should be reason enough to notice.
#5 It may be easy to get, use, carry and know about, but yet, because it is with you at all time it will cause persecution from others. This will cause many to set it down or put it away somewhere safe.
It seems to me, the world is more worried about the approval of others than they are with the mortality of their own soul. If your salvation was a screwdriver would you always carry it with you? Would I? This is the screwdriver Gospel, put it to work in your life never set it down and teach others to use it. Let’s tighten up and give the world something they can believe in.


How did MMT impact our lives?

I was recently asked the question “How did MMT (Mountainside Missionary Training) impact your lives and ministry?”. This question was asked by one of the directors. Please review our response.

Our time at MMT was life changing.

First of all learning to live “under the microscope” of others as you raise a family causes you to really question how you relate to your family members.

Second – To someone who is on fire and all they want to do is burn for God, MMT really helps them understand how your mission is for others not yourself. It is not how you burn for God but how you help spread the fire.

Third – We learned the power is in the Gospel. Not in ritual, not in format, not in organization, not in skill, not in planning, not in leadership, not in humility, not in servitude, and not even in perseverance. The power is in the Gospel and we are enabled to do all things through Gods gift of the Gospel. Without MMT, we would not see that so clearly.

Thank you for allowing us to attend MMT. We wish we were back there again, it was truly a special time in our life and by far the best section in our family history is the time spent with you guys and Libby Montana.