Life in Odessa pics

Photo0414 Photo0417 Photo0394

Emily at the tram stop

Photo0395 1468639_505483622883904_1365426794_n

Good friends enjoying conversation after dinner “English Table”

Weekly prayer Group

Wednesday night Prayer meeting


Ukrainian protesters

Protest in Kiev



article-2512837-199DA7F900000578-777_634x397 Strike ball partners

Strike Ball Ministry

Family time with the church

Family bowling with the “Youth/singles”

David and Vlad at the underground Gun Range

My friend Vlad introduced me at the Range, Now I have license to fire weapons there. Vlad is one of their competition shooters. Today we had a little fun with the AK47. We talked about how Christians are like guns dangerous when pointed at each other but safe when pointed down range looking for the enemy. Also now friends wit the range manager, he speaks a little English.

Childrens Ministry We pray every sunday before kids church begins

Teniece and I lead the children’s ministry at the church.

Teniece and I at Kostya's Wedding DSCF1946

Jacob taking a plunge into the black sea, it is cold water, much like California.


Sand is not so clean so be careful walking. However it was nice to enjoy the sand and sun.


Emily and her friend Nastia, Nastia is 2.5 years younger than Emily.


Summer English evangelism Camp, devotion time means Sasha lying at the foot of the cross.


My reading spot in the woods of the Park.


Jacob and me went on an adventure to find the Good beaches. Not bad but they charge by the hour.



Standard Ukraine landscape. A little cloudy today but you can see the inspiration for the Ukrainian flag, blue skys and golden fields.




Ukraine Travel Center


At the Park in Uman with some of the English camp attendees. The one with the dark hair made a profession of faith at the camp. Photo0119 Photo0131

At the park in Uman

Photo0135 Teniece and Christina, one of her lunch buddies

Teniece and Christina

Jacob on his 12th birthday

Jacob at his birthday.

David and Gheman demonstrating the proper and improper safety gear while playing strike ball

In strike ball it pays to have proper protection gear or you might get a BB in the face.

Emily overlooking the PortPhoto0399

Strike Ball, Stefan in the red Green Beige camo is the one whom we visited with in 2011. Leader with OM Missions.Photo0404

The bunker at Strike ball. Photo0396

Caleb our ministry Partner here for three years now and the other four all from the English evangelism camp.


Gherman always with a smile and a laugh. Photo0398


Strategy time, lesson time to come later.


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