“Odessa without Orphans” ministry and support


Time to go, This is at the end of the day. They live here, this is their home. kind of sinks in as you drive out, they will leave this compound maybe once per year, then between 13-17 placed on the street expected to survive in a world they barley believe exists.

DSCF5346 DSCF5350 DSCF5351 DSCF5353 DSCF5349 DSCF5354 DSCF5324


The Older kids sit in the back cautious to engage.


Clown show at orphanage.

Jacob David and Megan at flash Mob for orphan awareness in Odessa

Flash Mob for Orphan awareness.

David at the Orphanage David at one of the 25 orphanages in Odessa

Can you find me?

David and Jacob in Flash Mob for Orphan awareness at the Gardens of Odessa


Flash Mob Me and Jacob “My place is in the street” and “My place is in prison”


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