Dreams for Odessa

A list of some of the projects I would like to do while in Odessa

Dreams #1
English Church (all services and songs in English)
Primary Target: Foreign Workers and Students
Secondary Target: Educated Nationals with resources to do other ministry
Third target: Retention of summer camp campers.
Fourth target: In port sailors (All sailors speak English some)
Vision: As many congregations in Atlanta run special services for Hispanics and we would mimic this process here. We would have “Church” in English at a time other than Sunday Morning. Possibly Sunday night or Saturday Night. As we are not in “competition” with Russian speaking churches we would not translate from the pulpit or stage.
Advantage My family and children would develop relationships with other who speak English. The children who come to English club would have an opportunity to come to church and even bring their parents who speak English and our refusal to translate from the stage would have an appeal of smooth flowing messages and an attraction unlike others. It would become more like an exclusive club rather than a soup kitchen.

Dream #2
Hot and ready American Kitchen (most Ukrainian restaurants are either not served hot or not ready to go)
Primary Target: Orphan Graduates
Secondary Target: Business People of Odessa
Third Target: Sailors and General Population
Vision: To open and operate a Breakfast lunch business in a high traffic area. Also have curb service/ bellhop to mimic drive through. McDonalds drive through are successful here. Serve breakfast sandwiches as well as Sandwiches and crock pot style lunches. There is no Subway or other sandwich shop open here. Soups, chili, spaghetti and other items that can be warmed for long periods of time would be the focus. The primary employee will be orphan graduates who will learn successful business skills and have a place full of grace in which to transition from the Orphanage to live at large. The fact of taking our employees at the recommendation of Michelle and Laura would also bolster their ministry causing the orphan graduates to seek relationships with Laura and Michelle allowing them and opportunity to spread the gospel of hope to this forgotten class of underage citizens. Also with the success of the business we would look to began / revive Christian business association. As successful business are made better to American and western proven business models The Christian Business association would become a relevant group able to provide resources and clout for further ministry and reward honest government officials. Also the Business would be closed in the evening to providing a place of gathering and worship for ministry as well as Sunday services. We would also provide free advertising to all evangelical churches allowing them to post their location service times and contact info so the general Public could see all the opportunities to attend evangelical services. Also we could provide all the sailors with a coupon for a free meal and they could also be told about our evening services reaching out to them providing a family for them to be part of while in port.
Advantage: Any profits could be used as tent making profits or funds to be used on further ministry. Also if successful could be a model that could be launched into Russia helping Missionaries with visa’s even if not we could use Ukrainians to staff and rotate through to build it into self supporting.

Dream #3
Half-way home for Orphan graduates
Primary Target: Graduated orphans (13-17 year olds)
Secondary Target: Discipleship opportunities for Church
Vision: To operate a Second Apartment for the housing and training or Orphan Graduate Males. This program already exists for females. The guys would be under a set of rules and be required to perform certain task. They would be taught certain life skills like laundry, basic cooking, cleaning, and they would be placed into schools as well as learn the value of work through part time positions. They also would receive coaching on money management.
No perceived advantage at this time

Dream #4
Joshua Men groups
Primary Target: Men within the evangelical churches around Odessa.
Vision to lead a group of Men through J-men leadership/discipleship programs to create leaders who develop other leaders. To spend 12 months with one book per month, one project per month, One full group meeting per month, Pairing up for weekly meetings for prayer and accountability. Two retreats beginning and closing
End result, Christian leaders leading at home at church and in business building other leaders.